August 12, 2013

You’re More Than Your Weight

While many of my posts are fairly light-hearted and–I hope–make you laugh, this is a serious topic and one that I encourage you to take to heart. You’re more than your weight. No, I’m not saying that when you step on the scale you see 175 but in fact you’re 188. What I would really like to emphasize […]
August 2, 2013

The Power of Community

Sometimes weight loss can really feel like a solo battle. Armed with your calorie counter, your running shoes and your constant vigilance, you’re a lone warrior against fat and sugar. But let’s be honest, this can become exhausting! When you have to decline offer after offer to go out for ice cream with friends, when you’re the only […]
July 19, 2013

The Genetic Component

In 2007 Dr. Dean Ornish wrote an article about genetic predisposition to weight related diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Ornish also claims that some people are simply genetically more likely to be overweight than other people. You might have noticed this-you go out to lunch with a friend all the time, and even though she orders the […]
June 29, 2013

Transition to Summer

We’ve just passed the Summer solstice and have three months ahead of us of long days, sunshine and warm evenings. People in Portland breathe a collective sigh of relief this time of year, finally a reprieve from the rain and a chance to head out to all of the festivals Portland is famous for. Transitioning into your summer […]
June 13, 2013


Chocolate: the ultimate indulgence. Associated with romance, with feasting, with treats, chocolate has a reputation for its decadence. Many people see their chocolate consumption as somewhat of a guilty pleasure-think of all of the times on TV you’ve seen women on the couch in their pajamas, watching cheesy movies and digging into a giant tub of chocolate ice […]
June 10, 2013

Exercise Leads to Increased Memory and Focus

The primary reason why you’re on the Health Plus diet is to lose weight-but as I’ve emphasized in this blog, there are many other positive benefits that go along with weight loss. If you’ve started shedding the pounds, you might have already noticed some of these benefits. For example you may feel less achy after you exercise, your […]
May 31, 2013

Study Links Red Meat to Cancer and Earlier Death

At Healthplus we recommend that you greatly reduce the amount of red meat you eat, opting instead for lean poultry and fish, or a vegetarian diet as much as possible. This is important for weight loss because red meat is full of fat and cholesterol. It is high in iron and protein, but those nutrients can also be […]
May 23, 2013

Food Cravings

You’re sitting at work, and all you can think about is POTATOE CHIPS. You’re going on your daily walk and the only thought on your mind is ICE CREAM. You’re at Thanksgiving dinner and you could eat the entire turkey. Food cravings-they happen to the best of us. On a good day, maybe you can resist the urge […]
May 16, 2013

Farmers’ Markets

Farmers Market Season is upon us! Here in Portland we’re lucky to live in a city with such an abundance of local produce, so take advantage and head over to your local farmers’ market. Scattered throughout the city, and open almost every day of the week, Portland’s farmers’ markets offer a variety of organically grown fruits, vegetables and […]