September 22, 2021

Crock Pot Beans with Rice

Crock Pot Beans with Rice 10 Servings Ingredients 3 cups dried small red beans8 cups of water3 garlic cloves, minced1 large onion, chopped8 cups fresh water3/4 cup low sodium, low sugar ketchup1 tsp saltpinch of black pepper2 tsp ground cumin1 Tbsp parsley2 Bay Leaves Directions 1. Soak beans overnight in 8 cups water. Drain.2. Place beans in Crock […]
March 30, 2015
10-Minute Chili

10-Minute Chili

When it comes to dinner, quick and easy doesn’t have to mean takeout. This is a quick and delicious low-fat recipe sure to please for a weekend lunch or weekday dinner, and the kids will love it to!