Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I eat real food?
Absolutely! At HEALTH PLUS we want you to enjoy your meals and that means real, healthy food that satisfies your actual nutritional needs. You can shop where you like. Your meals will be tasty and plentiful. No liquid diets, meal replacements or supplements.
2Will I be hungry?
No! The diet changes that we promote do not require calorie counting or starvation. Rather, we have found that weight loss can be achieved by making healthier food choices. In fact, you may actually find that you can eat more food than you are used to and still lose weight.
3How long can I stay on medication?
At Health Plus you can stay on prescribed medication as long as it is safe and effective. We recognize that obesity is a chronic disease that tends to worsen over time. Therefore, we believe that for some of our patients the long-term use of weight loss medication is appropriate and beneficial. We endorse the Obesity Medicine Association’s Anti-Obesity Medication Position Paper.
4What about exercise?
For many people exercise is a dirty word. We recognize that not everybody is an athlete. We also recognize that work and family obligations often make it unrealistic to workout on a regular basis. With this in mind, we encourage increased activity, not necessarily formal exercise. At HEALTH PLUS we help you design an exercise program that is individualized and makes sense for you.
5Will I regain the weight I lose?
No! Many weight loss programs are ineffective because they involve fasting or fad diets that are impossible to maintain. At HEALTH PLUS our focus is on teaching you healthy lifestyle modifications that make permanent weight loss an achievable goal.
6Once I reach my desired weight, what then?
We will continue to support you with an individualized, maintenance program for as long as you want. Your costs will decrease but monitoring will continue and we’ll be right there if you need us.
7Is HEALTH PLUS affordable?
Yes. Patients pay a competitively-priced monthly fee. There are no contracts, signup fees, or other hidden costs. We also do not sell food, meal replacements, or supplements. Many programs require these products as part of their program. You may find that the money you save on groceries, eating out and medical bills is greater than the cost of our program.
8What if I have other medical problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure?
At HEALTH PLUS we have years of experience helping individuals with diabetes and other chronic illnesses live healthier lives. Health is our #1 focus and our licensed health professionals will understand your condition and how it affects you. Excess weight often contributes to chronic disease, and losing weight may enable you to reduce or even eliminate the medications you are taking for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or other illnesses.
9Will I be able to eat food I like?
Yes! At HEALTH PLUS we do not tell you what to eat. Instead we give you guidelines to follow. Within the guidelines you can choose the foods you like. There are no “forbidden” or “required” foods.
10What if I am a vegan, gluten-free or have other dietary requirements?
The HEALTH PLUS diet can accommodate your food preferences and almost any special diet you may already be on. Because we encourage eating lots of plants, being a vegetarian or vegan is especially easy on our diet.
11What would qualify me for medication?
In order for us to prescribe weight loss medication for you, you must have a BMI of at least 30 or a BMI of 27 and one or more comorbidity. Comorbidities include diabetes, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, gout and arthritis. To determine your BMI click here: BMI Calculator