HEALTH PLUS is an independent wellness clinic that specializes in medical weight management and disease reversal. We opened our doors in 1996. Since then we have helped thousands of patients become healthier through weight loss and improved lifestyle. The HEALTH PLUS approach to weight loss utilizes a unique combination of healthy low-fat diet, increased activity and prescription appetite suppressants. This combination has proven to be extremely effective in helping patients achieve and maintain their weight goals. We believe that being overweight is a health problem and not a personal failure. We believe that not everybody can or should be thin, but that everybody can be healthier. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to maximize your health.

About David Newman

David has owned HEALTH PLUS since 1999. He is a Family Nurse Practitioner registered in Oregon. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and his graduate nursing degree from Pace University. Prior to purchasing HEALTH PLUS he was an associate professor of family medicine at Oregon Health Science University. He has a background in family medicine, maternal-child health and urgent care.

Prior to purchasing HEALTH PLUS, while working as a primary care provider, David became aware of the limitations of the primary care setting for helping his many overweight patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The inability to provide his patients with close supervision and monitoring made it difficult to achieve the therapeutic relationship beneficial for achieving sustained weight loss. Operating a medical practice dedicated to the treatment of obesity and weight related health problems gives David the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on his patient’s lives. His many years of experience have led him to develop a unique and effective approach to weight loss.

David is the founder and president of the Rafiki Village Project a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is helping a community in Tanzania meet the challenges of endemic poverty. David first visited Dumbeta Ward in 2016. Brought there by a love of foreign travel and a curiosity about cultures different from his own, he was moved by the disparity of wealth between Portland, Oregon and rural Africa. Using a collaborative grassroots model of development that engages the local community at every level of every project the Rafiki Village Project has built classrooms, installed solar panels, constructed school kitchens, and completed numerous other projects that have had a positive impact on people’s lives. Find out more by visiting www.rafikivillageproject.org

Safe, Effective and Affordable Medical Weight Loss since 1996.

We have two locations. Our Northeast Portland office is on a major bus line and just minutes by car from downtown Portland and Vancouver, Washington. Our Beaverton office serves Portland’s western suburbs.



Erin Widner, MScN

Office Manager

Erin has a lifelong interest in health & wellness. She received her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Exercise Science from the University of Oregon and her Masters in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. While at NUNM she became interested in the field of Health Coaching. She completed her internship with a Health Coach and gained experience guiding and supporting others along their health & wellness journey. She has worked as a Health Coach in both group and one-on-one settings. With her Masters degree, she now combines her passion for health & wellness with educating and coaching others towards creating long term lifestyle and behavior changes.

Prior to joining the Health Plus team, she worked as a personal trainer, a health coach, a weight loss coach and as the office manager of a local medical uniform company for nearly 20 years. Since joining Health Plus in late 2019, she has enjoyed the supportive role she plays for the practice and its patients.

In her time away from work, she enjoys growing veggies, trying new recipes, hiking and discovering new places in and outside of Portland.

Mary Heid MS, RDN


Mary has always had a passion for nutrition and for wanting to help people achieve better health and well-being. She was en route to becoming a dietitian as she was starting her family which led to a detour on her journey. After staying home with her three children and volunteering for numerous parent groups and organizations related to her children’s activities, she decided to go back to school to complete her goal of become a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). She attended the University of Washington where she received a Master’s Degree in Dietetics Practice and completed a dietetic internship. She took the national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration to become an RDN. She is excited to help translate the evidence from nutrition research into practical recommendations for making healthier choices.

Mary has experience providing nutrition education and counseling in an outpatient setting. She is interested in helping people make a series of small lifestyle changes in order to lead to large positive impacts on their health and potentially prevent the development of chronic health conditions. She feels everyone is able to achieve better health, especially when given support and encouragement.

Mary has lived in the Pacific Northwest for the last 20 years after moving here from Southern California. She enjoys having four seasons and has become more skilled at using the technology available to figure out how to time her walks so she doesn’t get caught in the numerous rain storms. Mary enjoys cooking/baking and experimenting with using less fat, less sugar and more whole grains in the recipes she tries. She also enjoys crafting, reading historical fiction, taking long bicycle rides, and participating in Zumba classes.